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   The City of Ada originally contracted with local producers DustBowl Films in 2002, a synergistic partnership that has created hundreds of videos that over the years have featured thousands of local citizens of all ages in the process. This one-of-a-kind partnership has led to both an Oklahoma Municipal League Innovations Award and an Emmy Award.

   The longstanding professional partnership between the City of Ada and DustBowl Films has produced a valuable, unqiue library of educational, informative, and entertaining media – all centered around the local community. It is rare for a community of Ada’s size to own such a strong audio/visual archive of its own creation.

   In 2007, the Oklahoma Education Television Authority (OETA) – the state’s PBS affiliate – recognized and acknowledged the high quality of this local programming and invited the City of Ada and DustBowl Films to begin submitting high-definition programming for statewide broadcast. This programming quickly found its way into OETA’s primetime lineup.

   The City of Ada has maintained a broadcast presence since then and, to date, remains the only Oklahoma community of any size to enjoy this kind of positive, ongoing television exposure. The relationship with OETA/PBS has enabled the community to share statewide the unique stories of the people, places, and events that make Ada a special place to live.

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